Intensive workshops to familiarize with this new thinking about polarisation. Roles, insight and game-changers are delivered in a comprehensive story. We start the first translations to your daily practice. What impact does it have on your ideas and professional attitude? How do you apply this to your work field?  

  • By Bart Brandsma
  • Minimum two hours to maximum of half a day. 
  • Adjusted to your work field and relevant examples/cases.


Abroad we deliver a number of in house training possibilities 


- polarisation & journalism

polarisation in our city

- polarisation & education

- polarisation & police 

- polarisation & policy


In your school community, municipality or (business) organization you face situations that demand a polarisation strategy


It may concern questions around diversity, communication, radicalization, internal and external polarisation.


Do you want to balance your ideas and angle? If you need additional expertise, please feel free to contact us and we help develop your strategy on polarisation.