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Polarisation, understanding the dynamics of us versus them

What are the dynamics of polarisation? Can we gain insight into the operation and fixed patterns related to black-and-white thinking? What roles do we play? And what opportunities do we have to intervene? The book 'Polarisation, uderstanding the dynamics of us versus them' teaches how our portrayal of Man plays tricks on us, what our opportunities are to create a strategy of depolarisation, and how this phenomenon of polarisation relates to its ‘little brother’; conflict. It gives highly-accessible insight into the possibilities and limitations of the use of dialogue and it offers four crucial benchmarks we need to combat polarisation.

We badly need a new approach to polarisation. This book enables the reader to overturn ideas about polarisation and to gain practical advantages from this right away. It is most of all a practical book that, besides insight, offers the professional the prospect of a strategy and a practical grip on the issue.