Us versus them-thinking has a high impact on the social stability of our continent, our countries, societies, our cities and neighborhoods, our schools, ourselves...  Polarisation.

We need strong game changers to address the phenomenon


Lots of professionals – police officers, mayors, radicalization experts, public prosecutors, teachers, managers, policy makers, social workers, journalists – feel inspired by our polarisation strategy and work with its well tried insights and a fully new approach.


Book an in house  training, organize a workshop. Soon the Dutch version of the book Polarisation; understanding the dynamics of us versus them  will be available in English. Order your copy and get a deeper understanding of the workings of polarisation and contribute to solutions and renewal in your work field.


This cartoon is made by Pedro X. Molina, cartoonist based in Nicaragua. It is a result of a coproduction of polarisatie.nl, vj-movement.com and cartoonmovement.com. 

 Book  Polarisation